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Dear Saints:


I trust you are all well in Jesus.

Below is an excellent report about the results of a Church Multiplication Coalition crusade Pastor Mark and I partnered with in a small village in the Philippines in 2008. We praise God for fruit that remains.

Pastor Art

From: Joy Panis from San Fernando, La Union Province, Philippines
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 11:14 AM
Subject: Progress Report from Barangay Leg-Leg, San Juan

I received this great report from Sister Malou Binabice, the local ministry worker from Barangay Leg-Leg, San Juan where we had a mini crusade last November 2008 with
Art and Mark Gallego.

Sister malou writes:
“Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus!
We have already 6 ongoing Bible Studies in Brgy. Leg-Leg, with weekly home visitation and prayer meetings.

We are focusing our vision on our Children’s Ministry, beginning January 30, 2010, every Saturday, with about 60 children.

The young lady who was a rape victim and received Jesus during the crusade and got prayed for healing is now living the life of an active young person. God brought her back to a normal, peacefull life, without the pain in her heart.

In one of our Bible studies in a member’s home (Sister Fely is her name) her husband accepted Jesus during a Bible study last December. This man is now very active and supportive of our Bible studies; he is even the one who entertains us when we visit the family weekly.”

Sister Malou’s 1st request is for our prayers for the continued growth of their ministry in that village. There are many young people in that place that are out of school,and their ministry intends to impact these teens and young adults to get involved in Bible studies.
Their village was also affected by the typhoons and flooding last year. Recovery is slow, but they are sure of God’s faithfulness.

Secondly, Sister Malou is seeking whatever financial support that we can extend towards the work in Brgy Leg-Leg.
If you remember from our last visit, this barangay is quite a distance from the closest village or town.
Bible studies, visitation, prayer meetings, children and youth ministry activities have to be accomplished by means of tricycle transportation, and if they are short of funds…on foot. Bibles are also needed for their expanding bible study groups.

I told Sister Malou that we will be praying about these ministry needs even as we thank and praise God for the victory in Brgy. Leg-Leg!!

In Christ Alone,

Live a Life of Love
2 John 1:6


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