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January 2013

Pastors’ Prayer Summit

 Last week I had the joy of joining fifty seven other pastors and ministry leaders at the Youth With A Mission base about two hours near Chico, California for the twenty first annual North State Pastors’ Prayer Summit. The Spirit moved easily in us and in our midst as we humbly dwelt together in unity. There was sharing, praying, communion and healing times.

 The Lord connected me strategically with a couple of the leaders. I had a blessed time as Gaylord Enns shared his deepening journey along the “Love Revolution” road. I made friends with a new Episcopal Priest, gave a box of books Mary’s Uncovering Love, Discovering Soul book to a charismatic United Methodist pastor in Yreka and explained how inner healing works with a pastor in a rural community church.

The Lord also graced me with the opportunity to pray during the beginning of a State wide conference call of intercessors who were finishing their thirteen month long prayer assignment to pray together for each of California’s 58 counties.

Great Testimony from our Filipino Missionaries

January, 2013

 Joy and Cedric Panis, GSIF Asia Foundation’s key leaders in the Philippines visited our church in Davis at a Sunday morning service during the holiday season while visiting their children in California. At a reunion lunch for the 2011 crusade team the Panis’ gave thrilled us with the following testimony:

Our first crusade in 2011 in a neighborhood of a city of Laoag in Ilicos Norte Provence, in Luzon. After the crusade, the team was asked to pray for a lady who had been bedridden for seven years because of a car accident. We prayed for her healing, but there were no immediate manifestation. Now the lady is walking without any aid!

 She was so grateful for her healing that she donated the money to build the new church that resulted from the crusade. The presiding pastor over that crusade was the one who lost his wife in the motorcycle accident the next day. He miraculously recovered from his severe injuries.



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Fellowshiping with Sacramento City Pastors

Summer 2012

Last week I went to the Sacramento City Pastors Fellowship luncheon in Sacramento. The Pastors Fellowship is definitely flowing in the center of GSIF’s vision for unity. It is only three years old and every month, 150 – 250 born again and Spirit-filled pastors from different denominations meet over a meal for fellowship, trust building and exhortation from the Word. They are also cooperating with over 425 church in a city-wide evangelistic meeting by Argentinan evangelist, Luis Palau, June 16,17.

 I was very impressed by the uplifting spiritual atmosphere of the assembly. Not only was there an external anointing in the room but my spirit sensed a deeper and joyful witness and connect, that I call, “a heart anointing”.

 The fact that so many pastors in the Sacramento region are attending the meetings, tells me that the Holy Spirit has initiated and is sustaining them. About five years I attended a prayer meeting of pastors in Sacramento. Before that group disbanded there were only about fifteen in the group, so the size of the current group greatly encourages me.

Foursquare Pastor, Mark Gallego joined me at the luncheon. As you may recall he ministered with me on a series of GSIF sponsored seminars for pastors in the Philippines about four years ago.

 Bill Wallace, a GSIF minister from the church here in Davis, will be leaving for his three month outreach to China June 20. I am sure he will appreciate your prayers.

 Together with you in loving as Jesus loved us,


Good Shepherd International Fellowship

2012 Annual Report

In 2012 the Good Shepherd International Fellowship (GSIF) supported front line servant leaders and ministers the GSIF who built the Kingdom of God through evangelism, church planting, Bible and literature distribution, feeding the poor, caring for orphans and encouraging church planters and pastors. Here are some of examples of what some of the GSIF members and our partners accomplished and are doing.

In San Fernando, Philippines, Cedric and Joy Panis administer the Good Shepherd International Fellowship Asia Foundation (GSIF Asia), Under its legal umbrella, their Jesus For Luzon group coordinates crusade evangelism in unchurched villages and urban neighborhoods, establishes community Bible studies, plants churches, networks and equips pastors and church leaders and empowers the poor.

Because GSIF Asia is registered as a foundation in the Philippines, doors are open for them to share the Gospel in government run organizations that bar church involvement. Joy, Cedric and their co-laborers teach Christian Values Education in public vocational schools and distribute thousands of textbooks, Bibles and school materials to public schools, libraries and daycare centers that GSIF minister Nelson Seibel and his wife Elaine ship to them from Pennsylvania.

Cedric and Joy also founded the Church of the Good Shepherd in La Union. This fellowship impacts their region with Bible studies, leadership training and outreaches to the community such as weekly tract distributions, vacation Bible schools, and community feeding programs and school age foster care.

Revs. George and Elaine Yakovlev have a multi-national ministry. Throughout 2012 they ministered to and financially supported churches in the Country of Georgia, the Ukraine and India and host a regular Russian language satellite radio program.

In October, George and his son Daniel ministered in churches in the capital of Armenia and assisted impoverished believers. They also ministered in first youth conference held in western coast of the Country of Georgia. About seventy of the five hundred youth in attendance accepted Christ and forty were filled with the Holy Sprint. The Fellowship joined the Yakovlevs in underwriting this historic gathering.

Maria Strong (she is in her seventies) oversees about twelve churches in Chihuahua and other states in Mexico with the help of her son Ronnie and daughter Susanne. 

Bill Wallace from Davis, California has an on going ministry to Chinese nationals who attend or work at the University of California. Almost every month members of his Bible study in English accept Jesus. When they return to Mainland China he disciples them via Skype and e-mail. For eighty six days last summer he ministered in China following up on new believers, leading their friends and family to the Lord and encouraging them to join local churches.

The GSIF provided, guidance, prayer support to Pastor Mark Gallego’s November, 2012 outreach in the Philippines. Pastor Mark, his daughter Nichole, his son David and David’s fiancée, Nichole held crusades in four villages and shared the Gospel to the student body at a high school in central Luzon. In Luzon over 2,100 people heard the Gospel, resulting in 1,589 new deliverers and sixteen new Bible studies. I

In Surigao City, on the north east tip of Mindanao, David ministered to 850 youth at a conference organized by twelve churches. Pastor Mark also ministered to 725 pastors and leaders in three leadership conferences and preached in seven churches.

The GSIF partnered with Foursquare Pastor Mark in assisting pastors and congregations under Pastora Navarro recover from a powerful typhoon the devastated most of the eastern Mindanao.

In late December, Mike DiSanza accompanied his wife Ann was invited to be the pastor on board of a Norwegian Cruise Line ship of 5,000 passengers. Seventy six received Christ at four services. Mike led 1,000 police to the Lord at a large Cops For Christ (CRC) meeting in San Paulo Brazil. Mike is one the founding leaders of CFC.

Thank you again for your love, prayers and giving. We are praying for you.

Together with you in loving as Jesus loved us,

Arthur W. Defenderfer

Assistant General Superintendent


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